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Laine Nyahs Pie Recipe Blog

(may not contain pie recipes)

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I'm finally filling this space up with love.

A bit about myself: I'm 25 years old, a mother of one, a Furry (Yiff Yiff)), happily married and the proud owner of a bedazzler. I'm a bit of a geek and a reject, but all that aside a good person.

I played World of Warcraft on the Shadow Council server, alliance side with many of my RL friends. Sometimes I draw them art. I'm back in after a yeah and a half. Fells good!

I Draw arts. It's mostly furry stuff but I do occasionally draw filthy marauders era Harry potter porn and even more occasionally draw X-files or like Retarded House MD comics. Get me in the right mood and I'll fan art anything I'm really into right now. Like Venture brothers.

I like animes, although not as much anymore. If it's recent I probably haven't seen it.

I'm currently testing the waters of the iCarly fandom. You guys look kind of cool. I also like Bones. Mmm mmm sexual tention.